Pathfinder: Kingmaker Campaign

Loose Ends Part Two: Loosey Goosey

Alright so here’s what happened:

25th of Gozran

After getting word that the authorities of house Lebeda had taken two men matching the description of Dovan and Auchs into custody, Timschel and Lief quickly made their way down to the unnamed capital of House Lebeda. It was south of Silverhall.

27th of Gozran

The duo of adventures arrived in the capital and headed straight to the prison. Much to their relief the two men in custody were indeed Dovan and Auchs. The adventures agreed to each talk to one separately; Lief would speak to Auchs while Timschel would try his hand at getting information out of Dovan.

Timschel was able to quickly make a friend out of Dovan with his trademark method ON THE FIRST TRY. After all who can say otherwise since [SPOILERS] all of the witness there that day have since perished [END SPOILERS]. After a short conversation Dovan reluctantly admitted to arranging for the Stag Lord’s alcohol to be poisoned so that he could gain control of the operation. Timschel hearing all that he needed to, took his leave.

Meanwhile, Lief attempted to convince Auchs that Dovan intended to betray and leave him to be hanged (look it up) while he escaped. Auchs laughed this off as an impossibility; assuring Lief that, “Dovan is my friend, he saved Auchs”. Lief believing that Auchs is not so much evil as he is controllable tried one more time to convince him of Dovan’s duplicitous nature. Auchs, no longer amused with Lief slandering his friend decided to take action. Then, in a feat of immense strength Auchs stood up and ripped the chains that held him right from the wall. Now untethered from the wall Auchs looked Lief dead in the eyes and told him to stop saying bad things about his friend, or else, and sat back down. Thoroughly intimidated, Lief admitted defeat and left to discuss with Timschel what each had learned.

After a brief talk with the authorities Timschel and Lief decided to arrange for the last of the bandits to be put to death at sunset in a couple of days. Timschel and Lief left leaving instructions with the captain to alert them immediately should anything happen. Until then the pair of adventurers decided to take an actual vacation so that they could recoup from their trials.

Lief started out his vacation by heading to the local religious centers, most notably of Abadar and Pharasma. He had many questions for the priests of each temple and was given a thorough tour of both of the facilities. While they thought that he was a little odd, Lief managed to leave on good terms with the priests of both temples. His mom was so proud.

Timschel spent his time off visiting old friends and family, starting with Dame Sarrona. He filled her in on all that took place during his time in the Stolen Lands and once again swore his loyalty to her. The Dame Responded with much gratitude and informed Timschel that he and Lief had been invited to a ball being held in Restov in a few days. It was a feast in celebration of the clearing of the Stolen Lands with representatives from all of the noble houses attending. All of the other adventurers who had completed their contracts would be there and Timschel and Lief would be expected to attend.

Dame Sarrona left Timschel with a place to stay whilst he and Lief were in town, a word of advice about the days to come and a token of her enduring friendship.

After this Timschel and Lief both decided to take The Dame up on her generous offer and retired for the evening.

28th of Gozran

Upon waking this day Timschel informed Lief of the ball that they would be attending in a couple of days and passed on a bit of insider information about the way that interacting with the nobility of Brevoy works. The two then parted ways to enjoy more of their vacation.

Lief spent the day exploring the rich trade city and perusing several magic item shops, purchasing a few items and staying off drugs. Lief’s mother was so proud that she began bragging about him to the local book club and even put his high school photo back up on the mantle.

Timschel went to visit both his father at his work and his step-mother at her farm. They spent most of their time catching up on recent events and engaging in small talk. They both had heard all about the happenings down in the Stolen Lands but did not seem to know that Timschel was at all involved. He invited both of them to the ball in Restov but intended to keep his involvement a secret for now. After all it would just cause them to worry over events that had already passed.

Timschel then left to send a quick spell to Nugrah, detailing that they had both Dovan and Auchs in custody and had arranged for their execution the following day and gave him a meeting place where they could talk. While Timschel did not intend to let Nugrah get anywhere near Dovan or even know where they were being held he did think it just to allow Nugrah to witness the death of his son’s (effective) killer with his own eyes.

Nurgrah responded with some vague threats and a foreboding reminder that he had not forgotten what Timschel had done to his son and what he attempted to do to him, but agreed to meet at the designated place and time.

Surely nothing could go wrong in such a short amount of time . . . Right?

29th of Gozran

Timschel and Lief were both awakened early in the morning by a ruckus pounding on each of their doors. Upon answering they were informed that something had happened down at the prison. The duo rushed over to the jailhouse as fast as they could without even waiting to hear the whole story, much less sit down to prepare spells or even don armor. Luckily neither had used any spells on the day before and were able to work with the previous day’s spells

Upon arriving at the prison Timschel and Lief were informed by one of the perimeter guards that several of the prisoners had escaped and were staging a riot in an attempt to escape.

Once the duo entered the compound they were greeted with utter chaos. Many guards already laid dead in the halls while those that remained were trying desperately to regain control of the prisoners. Among the escapees were Auchs, who seemed to be single-handedly taking on half of the police force, and Dovan wreaking havoc from the outskirts of the skirmish. Timschel and Lief took a moment to prepare and buff themselves and rushed into the fray.

Timschel ran around the corner to confront Auchs, and rally the nearby men. Together they assaulted Auchs with enough cuts and burns to kill a man ten times over, but he seemed unphased, as if he had not even felt any pain from these blows. Auchs began cutting a path through the guards, felling most of them in a single blow like a child throwing sticks and advanced towards Timschel. Timschel however, stood his ground and attacked once more with full force, blasting Auchs with his most powerful spell and yelled for the men to aid him once more. Then finally, covered in so many wounds that he was hardly recognizable as human anymore, the Auchs fell. His last words an apology that he could not keep his promise to his only friend in the world.

Meanwhile, Dovan was proving to be both clever and deadly, using the chaos of the situation and the other escapees to his advantage. He had already taken down several of the higher ups and was waiting for the right moment to strike, choosing only to attack his victims in their most vulnerable moments. Lief, showing no hesitation charged Dovan with his long-spear and challenged him to a fight. Dovan attempted to attack Lief several times over but after it appeared that he was outmatched attempted to go back to backstabbing guards. Lief however stayed with Dovan the whole time, not only preventing his escape but saving several men’s lives in the process. Then just as the situation had turned to Timschel and Lief’s favor, Dovan vanished.

Thinking quickly that he must have somehow turned invisible, the two adventurers attempted to locate or somehow track Dovan. Sadly, due to all of the noise and chaos they were unable to do so and Dovan made his escape.

It was at this time that Timschel noticed that all of the escapees were adequately armed and armored; much more than they should have been for such a spontaneous riot. Timschel and Lief hypothesized that they must have had help from the outside, but due to the pressing matters at hand, were unable to investigate further.

Running late for their meeting with Nugrah, Timschel and Lief patched up as many of the injured guards as they could and prepared more spells for their confrontation with Nugrah. After all, they had bad news to deliver and did not intend to go into a potential fight at half strength.

Timschel and Lief arrived at the town square a few minutes late but found Nugrah to be patiently waiting for them. Using his arcane sight Timschel noticed at this time that Nugrah had several active magical auras on himself. It looked as though he had come prepared to fight.

The two arrived and delivered the bad news about Dovan’s escape, explaining that there had been a situation and circumstances out of their control. Nugrah, looking as though he had almost been expecting to hear this, produced a burlap sack and threw it towards Timschel. Now in possession of the bag Timschel noticed that it weighted only a couple of pounds and the bottom was soaked with blood and dripping onto the ground. Upon opening the bag it was readily apparent that the only content was the head of Dovan, freshly severed.

Timschel, in a last ditch effort to defuse the situation apologized once more for the way that Nugrah’s son died and told him that if he could change it he would. He then asked Nugrah if there was anything that he could do make up for what happened.

There was a brief moment of silence before Nugrah looked up and simply stated, “I just want my boy back”. To which Timschel somberly replied that he had neither the power nor the means to do so.

After hearing this, Nugrah paused for a moment, looked Timschel in they eyes and coldly informed him, “In that case there’s room in that bag for one more head”.

Lief knowing where this was headed, had no intention of letting Nugrah make the first move and reached for his weapon. Before the situation turned to a street fight in the city square however, Timschel had one more question for Nugrah.

Timschel asked Nugrah if he had any quarrel with Lief. Nugrah pondered this for a moment and then recalled that his son had gotten a half dozen good shots on Lief, enough so to even knock him unconscious and put him in danger of bleeding out. He reasoned that this was sufficient to make Lief and his son square. Timschel however, slung his spells from the protection of invisibility and even robbed the Stag Lord of his trademark weapon, not revealing himself until it was time to deal the final blow. Nugrah decided that taking Timschel’s head would satisfy him and promised that so long as Lief did cross him again he would not seek further retribution.

Timschel, not wishing for his friend to come to harm for his own mistakes told Lief to step aside and that he would see this through to the end on his own, one way or another. Timschel then stepped up to Nugrah and told him that this was his home turf and they would settle this according to his rules; with a duel to the death. Nugrah accepted this challenge feeling confident in his preparations and his abilities. These two had meet twice before and Nugrah had seen all of Timschel’s spells and tactics. Both parties agreed to refrain from summoning outside creatures to help but other than that any and all tactics were allowed. Nugrah was even feeling generous enough to allow Timschel to cast two buffs upon himself in preparation.

Timschel carefully considering his available options chose to coat himself in a layer magical grease and summoned a shield of force to bolster his defenses. Then, he took a moment to compose himself, reminded Lief once more not to interfere and then stepped forward to meet his foe.

To be continued in the blog post: “The part where Timschel wins a duel”


Decided to update the duel part before getting into the rest of the session – inspiration struck, and when Timschel inspires you to do something you fucking do it.

The Part Where Timschel Wins A Duel
The Part Where Timschel Wins A Duel (This Is That Part)

*Cue epic battle music of winning proportions *

The duel kicked off with a strong Mud Ball from the challenger. Timschel was going to counter it, but felt sorry for the old man and allowed him his spell, even giving up one of his own slots in pity for one who would bother learning a goblin’s racial spell. Though the mud did cover his eyes, Timschel the Supreme could hear Nugrah coming closer using his ears which, surely due to Timschel’s masterful application of arcane might, were not slathered with mud.

With not a worry in his head Timschel slowly wiped the mud from his face, which had merely served as a facial for his glorious features, and stepped away from the man in what can only be described as a feat of strategic genius.

Nugrah followed up with a Flame Blade, hoping to throw his opponent off-guard, but Timschel had seen much more impressive pyromancy in his days and resolved to show the old man how it was done.

And lo, Timschel did overwhelm his foe’s fire resistance by subjecting Nugrah to his eldritch might. Repeatedly. For roughly 30 seconds. Seriously, it was a lot of fire. And Nugrah hit him once, I guess – it was kinda hard to see past all the flames and Timschel’s radiant beauty.

To the delight of the crowd, upon felling his enemy, Timschel did unsheathe his blade, present it to his adoring fans, and remove Nugrah’s head from his torso before putting it in the aforementioned bag. It would be an understatement to say that the entire town was salivating at his feet. His display was so powerful that Lief managed to get laid, even lasting long enough to match the sacred 4 Hours previously unattainable by all save for Kethrad. Just this once.

So goes the tale of Timschel Belac.


Last Night's Session

First off, I had a couple values in the spreadsheet mixed up, which translates to -1 Economy and +4 Stability. Luckily that doesn’t change anything that happened during Turn 1 or Turn 2, so you guys are still on the right track. I’ve updated the spreadsheet to compensate for the mistake, and posted the raw data on the Forums.

Also, if you are not aware allow me to inform you that each month in Kingdom-Building only requires one week of your personal attendance, so you both have roughly 3 weeks (since Turn 1 started in the last week of Gozran) to do anything you want. This includes professions, crafting, spell research, and underwater basket weaving. Go nuts.

Loose Ends
Session 6a

8th of Gozran

After the battle, Timschel stopped Akiros from “healing” Lief, explaining that Lief is “different”. He then took Lief’s scrolls and used them to revive the unconscious shaman. The group then searched the fort, finding many resources and treasures hidden in the cellar. Not all was right in the fort, however, as Akiros returned with news that three of the bandits’ bodies were gone, the rest mutilated by some creature.

With no enemies left in the immediate area Akiros told Timschel and Lief about his past and origins as one of Erastil’s paladins. He then told them all he knew of Dovan and Auchs, mentioning that they’d likely head south into Mivon by river before heading west and disappearing in Pitax.

Deciding that they needed more information, Timschel charmed and questioned the Stag Lord. He told the group about his childhood, what led him to banditry, and revealed the identity of the cellar’s dweller – his father, Nugrah. After expressing a desire to return to banditry, the group decided to bring him to Davik Nettles in the hopes that the revenant would be willing to leave them the body in exchange for taking his own murderer’s life.

9th of Gozran

The group arrives at Nettles’ Crossing with the Stag Lord in tow. After Timschel rings the bridge’s bell, Nettles rises from the river and requests that they throw the Stag Lord’s body in to appease him. Timschel had another idea in mind, however, and had Nettles agree to return the body after killing the bandit. He then grabbed the Stag Lord and dragged him to the cliffside, saying “You shall die as I have died” and revealing he had no intention to return the body before he pulled his victim over the cliff’s edge and plunged into the river’s swirling depths, never to rise again. His ranseur, no longer needed, washed up on shore and was retrieved by Timschel.

On the return trip to the Stag Lord’s Fort, Lief noticed something following them under cover of night. In an attempt to catch their tail unawares he cast Entangle and called out a warning to Timschel and Akiros. Unaffected by the spell, the creature revealed itself and began summoning creatures to harass the group. This proved to be a mere distraction, however, as it fled during combat.

Upon reaching the Fort once more they discovered the owlbear held captive in a cage here had escaped somehow and fled the area. Wary of the danger posed by Nugrah they agreed to send Lief to retrieve Jhod while Akiros and Timschel stayed behind to secure the fort.

11th of Gozran

During Akiros’ watch just before dawn he came running into the cellar where Timschel slept and blocked the door, waking Timschel from his slumber with warnings of giant ants and a small horde of undead risen from the hill. Timschel quickly sealed the door, barring entry, and prepared spells for the fight.

When the door burst open Timschel was prepared, casting Fire Orb in the doorway and burning zombies as they entered. The horde never stood a chance, and Akiros cleaned up any who lived to pass the orb. As the fight ended, Timschel heard scuttling from the fort above them and took Akiros upstairs to search the fort for intruders. Upon being faced with a group of giant ants the two fled into the Stag Lord’s room and blocked the entrances until the summoned vermin disappeared once more.

Fed up with Nugrah’s hit-and-run tactics, Timschel decided to call out the old druid. He and Akiros walked up to the roof of the fort’s main building, stood (in an appropriately-dramatic thunderstorm), and shouted repeatedly for the man to come out of hiding and resolve their conflict diplomatically. After a few minutes he rose from the stone roof nearby, appearing threatened and wary but willing to talk.

During their discussion he expressed his desire to see his son alive once more (to which Timschel attempted comforting him with ye olden equivalent of “Your son was kind of a dick”) or else take revenge against his killer. The situation seemed unsalvageable until Akiros recalled seeing blood on the Stag Lord’s nightstand in his room. Upon hearing this Nugrah told them to wait for him and melded back into the stone roof.

After a couple minutes he returned with new information – someone poisoned the Stag Lord just before the raid. Timschel and Akiros pieced together the clues to determine that Dovan likely had the alcohol shipment poisoned somewhere along the way and tried to kill the Stag Lord, potentially framing Akiros for the betrayal, and taking control of the bandits. By this point Dovan and Auchs had a significant head start (4 days) on the group.

Having gained a new (and uneasy) alliance with Nugrah, Timschel and Akiros decided to wait for Lief and Jhod to arrive later in the day, agreeing that Lief’s Augury ability could help narrow down Dovan’s location and destination. When the did arrive, however, Timschel saw an opportunity to remove the threat posed by Nugrah and attempted to Charm him. Unfortunately he was able to resist the effects and, after thanking them for their “help” he promised to visit again soon and vanished into the stone once more.

The events that followed can be summed up into the following:

  • One failed Augury
  • A 2-week vacation to Mivon and Pitax
  • Much gnashing of teeth
  • The purchase and acquisition of many drugs
  • The second arrest of Lief Li-Hriive
  • One Sending to Lady Sarrona
  • The capture of Dovan and Auchs by House Lebeda’s soldiers
  • A long and rather uneventful trip to Silverhall
Fall of The Stag Lord's Fort
Session 5

8th of Gozran

Timschel and Lief arrive at the Stag Lord’s Fort in the early evening and use a crude drawing of the fort provided by a captured bandit to plan their attack. Lief sent Lucifer to scout the fort to gather intelligence on enemy positions – upon returning the snake told Lief that the ground leading up to the hill feels “bad-wrong” and confirmed the positions of nine bandits. With this knowledge in hand the pair discussed their plan of action. In the end Lief decided to impersonate a bandit bringing the Stag Lord his shipment of alcohol while Timschel shadowed him under an invisibility spell.

After donning his disguise Lief walked up to the front gate and gave the password to its guard – “And so the scent marks the jackal in the den of wolves.” At this Lief noted surprise flicker in the guard’s eyes just before the gate was opened, allowing him and Timschel to slip inside. Upon entering the bandits called out and the pair found themselves staring face-to-face with the infamous Stag Lord for the first time.

The man’s face was hidden by a stag’s skull, but unkempt hair and piercing eyes could be seen. What muscles they could see were well-defined, though his armor and clothing were piecemeal at best. He scowled and, after sizing Lief up for a moment, snatched the shipment away and stormed to the back of the fort, slamming a door before everything grew quiet once more. The pair hear every bandit let out a breath they’d been holding, apparently at ease with the Stag Lord’s departure. At this time the gate’s guard offered to show the “new guy” around and asked him to follow into the armory.

Upon entering the room the guard spun around, grabbed Lief by the collar, and slammed him against a wall while pulling his sword out and holding it to Lief’s throat. He revealed that the fort had two passwords – one real and the other fake. Lief gave the fake password to him, marking him as a traitor and an enemy. Lief managed to convince the man of his identity as a bandit, but could not convince him of his innocence in the matter.

The bandit then revealed his name and position – Akiros Ismort, the Stag Lord’s right-hand man. He ordered Lief to follow his directions to the letter and began informing him of the guards’ names, habits, and positions in the fort. He expressed a desire to leave the Stag Lord’s service, explaining that the fort that once was his freedom had become his prison, and offered his assistance in exchange for sparing Lief’s life. They agreed to split the fort’s loot before Akiros went back to his post. Lief wandered the fort to talk to the other bandits while Timschel hid in a supply closet (FOR HOURS) waiting for nightfall.

Once the sun had set Lief cast a spell to reinforce his staff and knocked out a guard in one of the three watchtowers. Once Akiros and Timschel heard the noise they each moved, the guard taking down another bandit and the caster cloaking himself in invisibility once more. Now alerted to the presence of enemies, the fort’s remaining bandits readied themselves for a fight.

Lief cast two spells to increase his speed and raced from one watchtower to the next, taking out the guards. Timschel snuck past a pair of bandits led by Dovan as they battled with Akiros and warded the door to the Stag Lord’s room, preventing anyone from opening it. Akiros killed Dovan’s bandits, prompting Dovan to open a cage holding an enraged Owlbear before fleeing the courtyard.

Timschel, seeing the gate was too heavy for him to move, jumped in front of the cage and managed to cast a spell, stunning the beast. Seeing this Akiros quickly grabbed the gate and shut it, once more trapping the Owlbear. When Timschel refused to reveal himself Akiros bade him to catch Dovan before he escaped with his “friend” Auchs. He then ran to bar the Stag Lord’s door, not knowing it was already locked with the invisible Timschel standing at the ready nearby. Around this time the Stag Lord seemed to wake up from his drunken slumber and tried opening the door. After a few seconds the door stopped shaking and they heard a dull thud from within, followed by silence.

Thinking the Stag Lord had escaped through a window the two ran around to the front of the fort where Lief was busy trying to prevent Dovan and Auchs from escaping. Unfortunately Dovan was much too fast and Auchs powered through the brambles while shrugging off the bolts fired at him from behind.

Everyone’s attention was diverted when an arrow found its way into Lief’s back.

Even in such pain Lief managed to cast a spell shrouding the area in darkness as the Stag Lord retreated into the storage room. Timschel raced to catch up while Lief refused a healing potion from Akiros and saw the Stag Lord fling open a secret door and race into the fort’s hidden cellar.

While Lief tried patching up his own wounds Timschel and Akiros followed the Stag Lord into the cellar. He tried shooting the traitorous Akiros but failed to land a hit before Timschel’s spell caused his grip to falter. Seeing his chance Timschel overcame the weapon’s defenses and snapped its bowstring, depriving the Stag Lord of his weapon.

At this time Lief entered the fray, bloodied but unbroken, and caused stone to rain down making it harder to move. While Timschel tried to close distance the Stag Lord fled around a corner, once again safe from the crossbows of his enemies. When Timschel got to the center of the room, however, he discovered that the Stag Lord was not alone.

A black-furred wolverine hung from the ceiling, chanting a summoning spell unnoticed by the others. Timschel called out a warning and, with a lucky shot, Lief managed to hit the creature and stop its spell. This victory was short-lived, however, as moments later the Stag Lord fired one more arrow into his side. If it weren’t for Timschel’s timely intervention via a blast of fire, Lief might not have made it out alive.

Once the Stag Lord fell, the wolverine paused momentarily before sinking back into the stone ceiling.

Tartuk's Treasure

Turns out I forgot to add in Tartuk’s possessions to the treasure pile. You may add the following items to your inventory to be split as you choose.

Wand of Magic Missile (CL 3, 30 charges)
Masterwork Cold Iron Sickle
Bracers of Armor +1

Fey, Falgrim, Fangberries, and Frights
Session 4

20th of Pharast

While exploring the woods north of the temple Timschel and Lief were set upon by a variety of pranks by local fey. After repeated attempts to gain their favor or scare them off failed, Timschel was able to prank them back – during their laughter, Lief managed to locate them and cast a spell to reveal the creatures. At this point the two introduced themselves as Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash and agreed to stop pranking the two annoyed adventurers.

After marking a couple locations down on their map Tyg and Perlivash agreed to watch the forest for them before parting, no doubt to set upon some other unfortunate traveler.

22nd of Pharast

Timschel and Lief finally return to Oleg’s Trading Post after their 12-day journey, finding the fort much more busy with a group of hunters lounging by the fire. After turning in Tuskgutter’s head and acquiring a reward for pacifying the Sootscale Kobolds, the two checked the new bounty board for other jobs and placed an order with Oleg. Svetlana asks Timschel if he and Lief can pick up some Moon Radishes for her while they’re out next time, as her and Oleg’s anniversary is coming up and she wants to make him his favorite soup.

While Timschel spoke with Kesten about recent events, locals by the fire overheard him mentioning a dead trapper and identified the man as Breeg Orlivanch, a detestable man with a habit of leaving his traps unattended and hidden in places other people might trigger them. None of the hunters seemed very upset, and in fact a few raised their glass to the news.

At this time the front gate opened and a guard carried in an unconscious Lief, who had apparently gone outside just earlier. Timschel tried and failed to wake him up, then noticed a magical aura around him. Jhod ran over to help and, after casting a spell designed to remove curses, Lief finally awoke, babbling incoherently.

After calming down, he explained that he’d been attacked by wolves while in some strange mist when a girl with long brown hair charged past him and attacked the wolves. He gave chase, and upon reaching her again she turned around to look at him and he passed out. Oddly enough, the guard who retrieved him never saw any wolves or bodies lying about.

Comprehending the situation, Lief told everyone not to worry about it and jotted something down in a black book before going to bed.

(WARNINGThe following events are not necessarily in order, and the dates may be jumbled. This problem persists until the 7th of Gozran. You have been warned.)

23rd of Pharast

Timschel and Lief leave to explore an area they passed on their last trip, and after spending some time searching they found a natural cave with what appeared to be a gold vein. After marking the location on their map they swung by the moon radish patch, meeting Tyg, Perlivash, and a few of the Sootscale Kobolds when they arrived. Having collected all their radishes they continued back to Oleg’s through the night.

24th of Pharast

After returning to Oleg’s and discovering that the Moon Radishes were useful in more ways than they wanted to know, the pair took a much-needed rest and went to visit Bokken, a local potion-maker. After plying his wares the crazy man asked if they’d gather some fangberries from a thicket down south, offering a discount on his potions if they brought enough back. The pair then returned to Oleg’s to rest for the night and discuss their plans for the morning.

25th of Pharast

After discussing their options Timschel and Lief decided to make another trip to the Spider Nest to clear it out while they wait for Oleg’s next shipment. Upon reaching the nest they fought a trapdoor spider, and after searching its nest they found a bandit’s body with paper clenched in his fist. The paper contained a drawing that led them back to the Old Cemetery.

The picture matched the tree at the top of the hill, and so Lief started digging up the marked spot by the new gravestone while Timshel went to have a smoke. After unearthing the loot Lief turned around to find five bandits waiting, led by Falgrim Sneeg. Lief was able to convince him that he was a bandit as well, buying time for Timshel to sneak around them.

The fight broke out when fire lept forth from Timshel’s outstretched hands, injuring Falgrim and incapacitating one of his bandits. Timshel soon found himself surrounded on three sides with a fourth bandit occupying Lief. One more wave of fire and a couple strong hits from Lief’s spear finished off the group, and they restrained the bandits left alive.

One of them expressed a desire to return to a normal life and cooperated willingly. He told them the Stag Lord changed his fort’s password recently to “And so the scent marks the jackal in the den of the wolves”, then offered to draw the fort’s layout for them upon returning to Oleg’s. He later made a deal with Kesten Garess to secure his freedom in exchange for services rendered.

26th of Pharast

Timschel and Lief return with bandits in tow, then decide to inform Jhod about the Temple of the Elk. They offer to bring him there after making a couple stops on the way, and he accepts readily. They leave the following morning.

28th of Pharast

Timschel, Lief, and Jhod reach the site of an old grave marked by a hunter on their map. Unwilling to disturb the site, they leave for the temple.

29th of Pharast

The trio arrive at the old temple. After staring for a few minutes Jhod falls to his knees, weeping uncontrollably. He then confirms Timschel and Lief’s suspicions of him holding something back, telling them of his past life in Brevoy. (This information is detailed at Jhod’s character page.) He stays behind to begin renewing the temple while the other two continue south towards the Boggard Lair (O) and Tatzlwyrm Den (U).

30th of Pharast

Upon reaching the spot marked “Boggard Lair” on their map the pair find themselves at the site of a couple old ruined buildings and greeted by a boggard who quickly yelled “Truce!” repeatedly. After fumbling around their language barriers for a minute Lief cast a language spell and began conversing with the boggard.

The boggard then introduced himself as Garuum, an exile from the Hooktongue Slough who had tried to take rule of his tribe and failed. He claimed the area around the ruins was his “kingdom” now, and asked Lief and Timschel to leave him in peace. After relaying this to Timschel the two decided to bring him a gift of goodwill before leaving, to which Garuum thanked them and offered them a place to stay should they ever be passing by again.

31st of Pharast

After burning a couple swarms of spiders, Timschel and Lief gather the fangberries Bokken requested.

1st of Gozran

Water falls, tatzlwyrms die.
Timschel and Lief finally arrived at the Tatzlwyrm Den, prepared for a fight, but instead find both of the tatzlwyrms asleep on islands in the river. Utilizing a water spell, Timschel pushed both dragons into the rapids where one drowned. The other one, barely alive, clambered to shore on the opposite side of the river, but Lief called for plants to halt its retreat and killed the beast quickly. After retrieving one of the heads to collect the bounty, the pair decided head north to explore the western edges of their charter and visit Jhod on the way back.

2nd of Gozran – 6th of Gozran

Timschel and Lief come across a weathered and plant-covered statue of Erastil, finish mapping the western expanse past the Narlmarches and visit Jhod at the temple – he’d been very busy the past week, and it showed – before returning to Oleg’s.

7th of Gozran

Timschel and Lief decide to leave early in the morning to explore one last location before facing down the Stag Lord – Nettles’ Crossing.

They arrived late at night to find the bridge out and the house burned down, now covered in vines. A sign by the bridge read “Nettles’ Crossing, 2cp – Ring for Service”. Upon ringing the bell the two saw a body rise from some wreckage from the bridge downriver. It pulled the water up in a pillar with one hand, then grasped it and withdrew a ranseur as the water fell again. Looking at them, the creature gasped out ominously “You are not my tormentors. Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river so that I may look upon his death, or join me instead.”

After discussing the situation for a minute the two agreed to kill the Stag Lord, and the body returned to the river to rest again. They left the site to set up camp in preparation for the next day’s fight.

Character Spelling


Sorry that I have not mentioned it sooner but I just noticed that you have been spelling my character’s name wrong in the session recaps. It is not a huge deal and I understand if you do not feel like editing for something so nit-picky but I just thought that I would let you know. If you would like I can change the spelling on my character list so that the hyper links go through. It is a lot easier than tracking down all of the times my name is listed and it really is not that big of a deal. Let me know.


P.S. I looked up the rules on using alchemical items for spells and while your ruling that material foci are not consumed upon casting of a spell is correct; almost all of the spell uses for alchemical items list them as material components; meaning that they are in fact consumed upon spell completion. Most alchemical items that can be used in this way have about three or four material options and one focus option. The focus option is usually pretty lackluster but it’s free so you really cannot complain.

The Guardian's Curse
Session 3b

17th of Pharast

After resting for a bit, Timschel and Lief continued their journey northwest into the Narlmarches. Around midday the pair came across an animal’s den hidden beneath an overpass, deducing that the location was Tuskgutter’s den. After some discussion they decided to set up a deadfall trap and claim the famed beast’s bounty for themselves, spending the better part of an hour collecting components and rigging the trap. Upon completing their work the two climbed nearby trees to wait for their prey.

And so they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

When Tuskgutter didn’t show up after 4 hours the weary would-be trappers decided to take down camp and move on. Just when they were about to leave the bushes on the other side of the clearing rustled, giving way to a blood-matted snout and arm-length tusks of the very creature they had set out to catch. Lief quickly scrambled up a nearby tree while Timschel stood his ground, then drew his crossbow, fired, and missed.

Enraged by these interlopers, Tuskgutter charged Timschel. Lief’s attempts to charm the creature were lost in its blind rage, but was twice met with fire before it could reach the target of its fury. Unfortunately neither blast was enough to stop Tuskgutter, who proceeded to give Timschel a demonstration of his namesake.

Finding both projectile fire and actual fire to be ineffective, Timschel ran away made a tactical retreat. Frustrated, Lief called for the plants to do his bidding, grasping and hindering the boar’s advance. Away from any immediate danger Timschel drank a couple healing potions while Lief made Tuskgutter his pincushion.

In one moment Tuskgutter burst free of the plants, seeking to unleash his wrath, but the tangles dragged him down once more. This proved to be his end as the boar’s wounds could no longer be ignored, the red lifeblood of this once-great beast mixing with the greens of the plants that brought him back to the earth.

After collecting the boar’s head the two forged onwards towards the ancient temple that was their destination.

18th of Pharast

After searching for nearly half the day Timschel and Lief pushed aside a thick patch of thorns and vines to uncover a large clearing. Vine-bearing stone pillars rose from the ground around a large pool of water covered in thick algae. Perhaps the most prominent feature was a large rock face chiseled into the form of an elk’s face, though its visage was partially obscured by plants and moss. Beneath this carving a set of broken, worn stairs led up to a cave inset in the stone. Using his recently-developed magic sight, Timschel found the area covered in a lingering necromantic aura.

Upon moving into the clearing to inspect the area Timschel and Lief witnessed a bear exiting the cave, which took one look at the two and let out a guttural roar. Underlain beneath the animalistic cries an almost human plea could be heard before melding with the roars completely.

Acting quickly, Lief called for stone to fall and cover the ground, slowing the bear’s advance while he and Timschel pelted it with bolts. Most of these went wide or failed to pierce its tough hide, and soon the two found themselves staring this bestial force too closely for comfort.

Timschel once more called upon his flames to burn, not completely ineffective but unable to stop the bear, while Lief drew his staff and enhanced it. Seeing an opportunity, the bear moved forward to tear apart Timschel – fortunately some of the water from the nearby pool had been displaced by Lief’s spell and the bear lost its footing. With their enemy fallen before them the two were able to turn the battle and knocked the bear unconscious.

While trying to decide what to do with the helpless creature a woman appeared, floating in midair above the pool, and bade them to “Ease the man’s suffering.” Lief obliged, and with an almost-human sigh the bear’s body began to disintegrate before their eyes. For one moment the form of an aged man remained before turning to ash and blowing away in the wind.

Seeing this, the woman raised one hand – at once the plants receded and the necromantic aura faded away, changing the area into the very image of a hallowed temple. She then smiled and conversed with the two adventurers, telling them of the guardian’s fate.

“Thousands of years ago this place was a small but well-tended shrine of Erastil, and it stayed as such until Taldor’s last failed attempt to control the Stolen Lands. One priest stayed and tended to the temple until, one day, he proclaimed that the trolls, savages, and local beasts had ‘won’ and abandoned his faith. Erastil, angered by the man’s actions, turned the man into a bear and cursed him with immortality so that he would guard the temple for eternity.”

After further questions Timschel and Lief learned that the woman was of Fey origins, and likely existed in the First World. Unable to stay long, she tried to tell the pair something about the Stag Lord before fading completely.

After pondering her words the pair set up camp for the night and bottled some of the pool’s liquid, which upon inspection was revealed to have curative powers.

19th of Pharast

Having rested and recovered from the previous days’ arduous battles, Timschel and Lief set out to explore and map the Narlmarches. Around midday they came across the body of a trapper pinned by his own deadfall, a finely-crafted handaxe embedded in a tree by his outstretched hand. Upon inspection they discovered that the anchor rope holding the trap in place had not snapped, but rather cut by someone or something.

Unable to piece together the man’s identity or solve the murder, the two left to continue exploration on the return trip to Oleg’s Trading Post.


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