Akiros Ismort

The Stag Lord's right-hand man, he has become disillusioned with bandit life.


Akiros came south to pursue the life of a bandit at about the same time the Stag Lord arrived, though the two didn’t meet for another few months. His natural strength and leadership skills impressed the man, and in a short time he took Dovan’s position as the Stag Lord’s right-hand man – this has not curried any favor with Dovan, though Auchs has taken a liking to him recently.

Though Akiros was content for a time, the life of a bandit does not suit him and what once was his escape soon became his prison. He started taking shifts at the gate in hopes that he’d find a chance to escape, but with Dovan watching him so closely he couldn’t make any moves. When Timschel and Lief arrived he saw what could be his only opportunity to escape with his life intact.

Akiros Ismort

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