Jhod Kavken

A priest of Erastil who came to Oleg's to offer his help to the charter group.


Cleric 4


Jhod, a travelling cleric of Erastil, had a particularly vivid dream one night. In this dream he found an abandoned temple overrun by wildlife and guarded by a ferocious bear. Upon waking up he felt a tug to the south, which he took as a sign from Erastil. Upon reaching Oleg’s Trading Post the tugging stopped and it was there he learned of the PCs and their charter. Hearing rumors of an overgrown temple in the area he realized he was meant to be here, assisting the charter group, and asked that they remove the bear so he could restore the temple to its rightful glory.

Jhod is willing to provide his spellcasting services for free if the PCs get rid of the bear.

Jhod Kavken

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