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Oleg Leveton

  • Owner of Oleg’s Trading Post.

Svetlana Leveton

  • Wife of Oleg Leveton and co-owner of Oleg’s Trading Post.

Kesten Garess

  • The soldier in charge of the defenses at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Jhod Kavken

  • A traveling priest who came to Oleg’s Trading Post to assist the charter group.

Kobolds of Sootscale Clan

  • A clan of kobolds, they have vowed to grant their aid to the Aldori Swordlords as repayment for services rendered.

Bokken, Crazy Potionmaker

  • Peddler and purveyor of powerful potions.

Akiros Ismort

  • Ex-lieutenant of the Stag Lord and paladin of Erastil.

Lady Vellara

  • An expatriate politician from Kyonin and experienced duelist.

Happs Bydon (Deceased)

  • Second-in-command of the bandits at Thorn River Camp

Kressle (Deceased)

  • Commander of the bandits at Thorn River Camp.

Falgrim Sneeg

  • Kesten Garess’ old coworker. He’s wanted for theft and banditry, and Kesten will reward anyone who can bring him back, preferably alive.


  • A dim-witted strong-arm favored by the Stag Lord.

Dovan of Nisroch

  • One of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, he wants Akiros dead for taking his livelihood away.

The Stag Lord’s Bandits

  • Seven of the Stag Lord’s most trusted henchmen.

The Stag Lord

  • A mysterious figure who owns the allegiance of nearly every bandit in the Greenbelt. His favored men wear silver stag pendants as a sign of their loyalty. He currently resides at the Stag Lord’s Fort on the coast of the Tuskwater.


A. Oleg’s Trading Post

B. Lonely Grave

  • A forgotten gravestone hidden among the weeds.

C. Trap-Filled Glade

  • Breeg Orlivanch hid bear traps all over this area. They have not been removed.

D. Bokken’s Hut

  • Home of the local potion-maker, Bokken.

E. Dead Trapper

  • Breeg Orlivanch’s body was found and buried here. His murder has not been solved.

F. Fairy Nest

G. Moon Radish Patch

  • A patch of rare moon radishes grows here. They’re a favorite of the Sootscale Kobolds, and are well-known for their medicinal properties.

H. Spider Nest

  • Once home to a Trapdoor Spider, now an empty pit.

I. Hot Springs

  • A natural hot spring that houses two giant frogs. This area has not been explored.

J. Temple of the Elk

  • An ancient temple restored from its cursed state.

K. Thorn River Camp

  • Once a bandit base camp, now an abandoned post on the edge of the Narlmarches.

L. Gold Mine

  • A split in the hills here reveals an untapped gold vein leading to a huge underground cavern.

M. Old Cemetery

  • A worn-down cemetery nearly forgotten in the wilderness of the Greenbelt.

N. Statue of Erastil

  • An old vine-covered statue sits here, forgotten and neglected.

O. Boggard Lair

  • A “Kingdom” ruled by Garuum, an exiled boggard.

P. Tuskgutter’s Lair

  • Once home to an infamous boar known as Tuskgutter.

Q. Rickety Bridge

  • The bridge here is old and barely strong enough to support one person.

R. The Old Sycamore

  • The tunnels below this tree are home to a colony of mites that have been pestering the Greenbelt’s residents lately.

S. Nettles’ Crossing

  • A bridge in need of repair, haunted by its owner.

U. Tatzlwyrm Den

  • Two tatzlwyrms once lived here, but the area has since been abandoned.

V. Fangberry Thicket

  • The fangberries here are a favored component in Bokken’s potions.

W. Trapped Thylacine

  • A brush thylacine fell into a pit here, and was later released.

X. River Crossing

  • The river depth here is never higher than three feet, making it an ideal crossing location.

Y. Sootscale Caverns

Z. Stag Lord Fort

  • An old fort by the Tuskwater re-purposed as a home base for bandits by the Stag Lord.

Session Recaps

  1. Of Blizzards and Bandits
  2. Turning the Tides
  3. The Shaman of Sootscale Caverns and The Guardian’s Curse
  4. Fey, Falgrim, Fangberries, and Frights
  5. Fall of The Stag Lord’s Fort

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